Thursday, July 20, 2017


Laskhmi and Lakshmi, were cousins in a typical South Indian family where girls look beautiful and are extremely strong. Both of them shared the name of the Hindu Goddess of wealth, because wealth is all that there is to life and happiness.

Lakshmi was married off to a famous “Reddy” man who are apparently rich people. So this rich Mr. Reddy that Lakshmi is married to, is the owner a hotshot PG Accommodation in Bangalore. He is a tall, well-built man who only wears white. Most of the days you can find Lakshmi drying this huge collection of starched white clothes and school uniform for the kids. Lakshmi was the person to go to in the PG Accommodation, for power cut, bad food, washing machine, geyser troubles, clothes theft and what not, which includes opening the main door in the middle of her sleep at 3am after a party, opening the main door in the middle of her sleep at 3am again, for a morning trek. And what does Mr. Reddy do? Mr. Reddy sits beside the main door on weekends at night and watch questionable content on this phone, at times snaps at the PG Accommodation girls when something is demanded, at times looks at their breasts for one fifth of a second and on most of the times, beats Lakshmi behind the closed door. Mr. Reddy would talk to someone over phone, would flirt for hours with few PG Accommodation girls half his age, would never ever work, would not even think twice before slapping Lakshmi in front of 10 odd eyes but he ‘allows’ her new clothes, jewelry, AC, TV, fridge and luxury.
Lakshmi, with white flower on her hair and a red bindi on forehead, was wealthy, just as the name suggested.

Lakshmi was married to a not-so-famous Raju. Raju is the cook in the PG Accommodation that Mr. Reddy owns. Raju, a lean and smiling man, does not have a house, or a room. Raju and Lakshmi lives in the space extending the PG Accommodation kitchen. Raju has a sharp supervision on the food but does not think twice before secretly passing on the sweets to the old PG Accommodation sweethearts he considers as his sister. Lakshmi hops around the PG Accommodation, finding girls to gossip with in Telugu, or playing with the children of the beloved cousin. On Wednesdays the PG girls would flood over their favorite Raju Bhaiya because it is the chicken day and what would Raju Bhaiya do? Raju Bhaiya would diligently make one side fried egg, just the way Lakshmi likes, because she does not eat Chicken. On most days, Lakshmi would sit at 4th floor PG Accommodation balcony overlooking the city, and Raju would just stare at the twinkle of her eyes, wishing to fulfil all that, that heart desires. Raju Bhaiya would make Roti-s continuously the entire evening and Lakshmi would help, later they would go to the local market and get groceries, hand in hand, and spend the night behind the make-do cardboard door of the kitchen, laughing, chatting, living. She wears the same set of few salwar kurta pairs and a dhaga on the neck for jewelry.
Lakshmi, with white flower on her hair and a red bindi on forehead, was wealthy, just as the name suggested.

And I? I have always wondered, if they would look each other in the eye and wonder, just wonder.
Who knows?

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Batman Speaks

For once;

Beyond the cave, cape and mask,
All that a tired Batman asks for
To fall back
And not worry.
To speak dirt
And not be sorry.

This time?


Sunday, June 25, 2017

Where Every Stone Had A Story- Hampi

Hampi! A place where every rock, every stone, every nook-corner-turn-lane has a story to tell.
I have been wanting to visit this one place ever since Hirak had uploaded photos. It took me two years and two cancelled plans to finally be there.

Considering you are not the I-cannot-move-my-bum-without-flights type, Hampi can be visited from Bangalore by either train or road. The timings for both are quite the same. I wanted to take train and so we did (and also, it's a cheap bet). We took the Hampi express on a Friday night when Bellandur to RT Nagar was covered between 5:30-8:40 :D
So we had to say bye bye to dinner plans with A. Packed our dinner and immediately took another cab to the mighty Yeshwantpur and reached just in time for the train. Now Yeshwantpur, even though is the main station of Bangalore, the crowd is nowhere similar to Howrah ( the racist in me rises). There were strange looking men and loud aunties. N, who was taking her first train ever, that too, sleeper, looked like she would start crying any moment. The train was not late but since it was late in the night, I missed the flavour of chai-chai-chai, or maybe, Bangalore is weird like that. The train finally started to feel like the trains I have taken all my life during summer and winter vacations, early in the morning when there was wind, less people and yes, chai-chai-chai.

We reached a little later than scheduled to Hospet. Now, when you reach Hospet the autowala-s would come and ask random rates, depending on the season. If you're very tired, bargain a little and set off. If you're not tired, take the Govt bus right outside the station (rates are 14rs to Hampi and 17 to Kamlapur). Nomatter what you take, on the way to hotel, you will see the small town and the life there. If you like it, be sure that you'll love your stay. If you don't like it, be sure you will not like anything anymore about your trip.

We stayed at Hotel Mayura which is managed by Karnataka State Govt. It's probably the best that you can get here and I strongly recommend the hotel. The restaurant inside the hotel serves good food and the uncle who servers will come tell tales and listen to your order with rapt attention and serve you with a lot of love.

Now about the town trip, if you're staying at Kamlapur, auto is your best bet. The bike hiring happens only at Hampi so if you're planning to opt for it, make sure you plan accordingly (maybe stop over at Hampi, which is approx 4km from Kamlapur, and get your bike). Renting own car is a loss if you're not traveling to Hampi in zoom car because the rates are vague. We took auto for half day tour, mostly because for both half and full day tour, the number of places are exactly the same. One more suggestion here, if you are a lover of history, make sure you get a guide. Hampi will not make any sense to you if each of the bricks don't tell it's tale. However, if you are not a history fanatic and are visiting Hampi just for a new experience and generic knowledge, don't even think of getting a guide, your driver himself is enough, plus the boards which will be everywhere.

From where the queen took bath to where the king had his meetings, stone door, secret chamber, Hampi amazed me. Especially because it was the closest place to Dongargarh that I will ever see. Our day ended at the Virupaksha temple where the elephant blessing scene nomatter how gross, was quite fun. The the rains finally spoilt our sunset view but sitting there, inside the dark old temple, with incessant rains, I actually felt goosebumps. I had never felt history so closely. The town is impossibly empty in the night and don't be surprised to see a Scorpio out of nowhere every now and then on the road. I saw a million stars after a very long time that night and could not stop comparing Hampi with Dongargarh over and over again.

Next day of laze and late was mostly about the stone Chariot which is the Hampi USP. There is a battery car service from this temple gate to the temple entrance which is driven by only ladies! Inside, getting a correct shot is a difficult task for the sheer amount of people who visit the Stone Chariot. We got ours anyway! Very close to it is the Tungabhadra river. All my plans of diving into the river went down the drains when the boatman near the shore announced that due to crocodiles and snakes, they have set bombs inside the river so that the ferry service continues without much difficulty. Huh! So now, if you cannot and do not take the ferry for crossing the Tungabhadra, the next option is the new bridge is is spectacularly beeeeeautiful but, 25kms extra. After doing all this you reach the opposite side to a village like every other village, a pond which is hyped for no reason and a hanuman temple with 500steps which we could not take since we ran out of time.

The ride from here till the Tungabhadra dam is almost one and half hour, with vast green lands, hills afar, blue grey sky, golden to orange sunlight and gush of fresh winds. This ride was one of my favorite moments of this year, minus the constant news of India's score in the finals over phone.

Tungabhadra dam is nice but
 hyped, the light and sound show beside the dam is okay-ish where they tried to do something similar to Brindavan gardens.

Finally we left for Hospet. Dinner was this hotshot star restaurant dhaba which surprised me with 90rs beer! Anyway, the performance of India on the giant screen did not let most people eat much. We packed our food and started off for Hell-ore. N was not scared this time and soon it was a Monday morning at Yeshwantpur-a and the same 3hour drive back. But Hampi, you beauty :')

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


She will never have proper time for you,
And she will not hug you when she sees you next.
But she will 'like' your NEW group photos
And not like it, unlike rest.

She will not pick you where you fall
And tell you all will be well,
But she will bend down to kiss you
And play a deep musical tale.

My shimmer, my critic,
My hometeam, my supportstand.
My "to-go-to", my oldest,
My one true love, my MagicMan!


Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Remember the days of black and white and/or newly bought color TV where every Sunday the entire family would gather around the television set to watch Mahabharat? An almost similar experience of larger than life stories, sets and sounds is Bahubali 2, which will take you down on a rollercoaster ride of passionate movie watching.

Note of caution to the handful of the people who still did not find the time, opportunity and mindset to watch the movie (yes, IT does that people), if you goto watch it with a crooked smile and lifted eyebrows, trying to justify everything that happens or does not happen in the movie, you will miss the flavor of it. If you end up disliking Bahubali 2, it is the same reason why Captain America could never make sense to you, and this comes from someone who watched the first part just a week before the second was released and still loved it.

Now, about the movie, this is one of those movies where the sequel outshines the first, it is one of those movies for which you will forget the overpriced popcorn that you would have bought and not lift your eyes from the screen. A man’s hardwork, sweat and blood (literally) for 4 years together makes this movie what it is! It has got something for all the age groups. While the guys can admire the perfection that Anushka is, the girls could not stop applauding for the Gentlemen that AmarendraBahubali is in the movie. Ramya Krishna has been her strongest best and no other actor could possible do justice to Shivgami’s character but her. If you still have the image of a Ramya Krishna dancing with AmitabhBachchan in Bade Miya Chhote Miya, it is time for you to hit the theaters for Bahubali 2 for sure, and I write this with zero tinge of exaggeration.

The story is nothing that could cannot guess (except for the “Why Katappa killed Bahubali” bit). No spoiler alert! You need to watch this movie for the various social factors it touches, be it the punishing of the eve teasers or the right of a woman to take her own life decisions. It would be nice if us, who clapped when DevaSena chopped off the eve teaser’s fingers or when she rebelled against the world to keep her moral grounds intact, start implementing the same in our lives. I am sure you have read and shared one million memes over social networking sites about the perfect Gentleman that Bahubali has been portrayed to be, time to be one. Long story short, this is a movie that is going to stay in our hearts for a long long time.

Every actor has put in their best, every scene will glue you to your seat. Go watch the movie, dubbed or not and end up with this urge to convince everyone to do the same. S.S. Rajamouli, thank you for this experience. Jai Maaheshmati!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Thin Crust Pizza

'বয়স তখন ছিল পনের, তাই ছিল স্বপ্ন দেখার ব্যারাম'

If you live in a world that does not like pizza, this post may not make much sense. For me, I have grown up loving pizza, from the first fancy dinner with Maa, to the first boro howa Pujo outing with friends, to the first date... it was always Pizza.

In a world where I refused coffee dates in college, pizza had done the trick (the final repercussion is not nice, but anyway). Any variety, any size, pizza was love.
So that was that, till the time I started meeting new people, more sophisticated people. That is when thin crust pizza took over the normal ones, that is when fork and knife arrived.

I still remember my first encounter of pizza and fork, but the place was so posh that I did not dare to embarrass the people I was with. And then the loop followed. I slowly slowly started hating pizza for the effort of actually slicing it over with such difficulty. There came a time where I would order anything but pizza. Such was my aim to please and be one-of-them.

Seasons changed, life happened. Now, today, when I sit at one of the best rooftop restaurants at Bangalore and eat thin crust pizza with my hands, Narmada joins, leaving her fork aside, just because. Smita judges me not and looks away at the city lights from the top, just because. And suddenly, despite all the losses that has happened over the last two years in Bangalore, I have finally started ordering pizza. Finally started being me, posh restaurant or not, fancy company or not.

Pizza again is, love.

Monday, May 22, 2017


To wake up to a night like this,
To wake up after a dream like that,
And wonder,
Not just for the first time.
What if the dream was true afterall
What if tonight was actually the night so small,
I Wonder,
Not Just For The First time.
For the you who currently weave with her,
For the you who made the tomorrows so blur.
To wonder,
Not just for the first time.

The only possibly impossible word.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday, May 6, 2017


Rains always made her happy, for no reason at all. Rains, the heart healer and dream wheeler.


The doctor told Meera the reason behind her 'condition' of rough patches of skin and often bleeding on both palm and feet is Eczema. Meera had always noticed that unlike other girls, her hands were not soft, unlike others, they were not smooth. Meera had grown up with all the jokes of having 'man-hands' and how no one would ever want to hold her hands. But all this never quite bothered her till her doctor explained the complications.

Now for all those who don't know, Eczema​ is no major disease. It can be kept in control but needs certain restrictions like no playing with too much water, no hand washing of dish or clothes, no getting wet in rain, no playing string​ instruments and regular application of ointment. Meera was told that any of the restricted activities would make her skin look worse. She could not control her tears at the thought of not getting to get drenched ever!

Due to late detection of Eczema, Meera's skin had started to look diseased. The hands did not look feminine, the fingers did not look slender. Those were the fingers Arun put the ring on, beside the small local lake, during sunset. Meera warned him several times of her condition, how she would not be as desirable as the others, how once the initial phase of 'love' is over, all this would start to matter.
Arun said, 'Nothing will change. I love you, forever, and ever, and a little bit more' and the ring was at Meera's.


2 years later, on a monsoon evening, while watching rain from hospital window, she saw an Instagram photo of Arun and Jiya, hand in hand.  She looked at hers, still empty, still ugly, still waiting for the 'forever' to start.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Friday, April 21, 2017

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Good Job, Script Writers of My Life

Olivia said " Hindi cinema'r heroine naki tui" and I could not be happier at the compliment. (Because Hello excuse me, yes Sir, Bollywood runs in the blood).
So this has to have a flashback!

Remember that creepy serial in Star Plus at 10 these days that will give off the end and then run each episode in flashback? Like that. (Because Hello excuse me, yes Sir, Star Plus plays on mute daily for hours together in the room).

So the story being, today happened to be a very busy day at work since the firangs would go for their Easter vacation and hence the obvious deadline for all the handover, clarification, review and approvals. Add that to the birthday of one of my Bangalore lifelines. Attending to all of this hustle bustle, I also had a flight today, for poila boishakh because last year I had promised to the Mother that nomatter what I would be home for poila boishakh. What I meant was permanently settling there and since there apparently is a permanent dung on my face on that line, I had to atleast go. Because ekbar jo Maine commitment de di toh main khud ki bhi nai sunti. (I did warn you about Bollywood)

So that's that. Last minute cake cutting delayed by almost an hour because yes Sir, every team has atleast one person who has all the work at the last moment and delays the world, and people like me never learn (I hope my lead never reads the second part because he will have a dramatic affirming​ nod at it, but that's a story for another day). Now, time in hand before take off, 3hours and 30minutes. Somehow somehow cutting short the come-soons and I left off. People who know me knows I dislike walking fast, plus I had luggage, plus it is shit hot these days, plus heels, plus cloak room procedures, plus office gate to main gate is little more than half a kilometer. When I reached the main gate, time in hand 3hours 15minutes.

Now my usual confusion to take the cab or vayuvajra was not even an option but well well, "NO CABS", again and again and again. Finally a cab was booked which showed "15minutes away" and there came a VayuVajra so I took that after getting fried in the sun for 15minutes. Time now in hand 3hours, which initially seemed like okay-ish. Now say hello to Bangalore traffic which can suddenly happen anytime, anywhere (except for the usual spots of course) and for some alien reason, nothing seemed to move. A fellow passenger (who surely had more Bollywood in blood than me) started yelling, followed by crying, followed by loud prayers ( insert  dramatic ram ram Jai raja ram, ram ram Jai sita ram here,  and believe that today, I saw Ekta Kapoor's inspiration truly). Time now in hand, 2hours and we had not even crossed KRPuram signal. I HAD to to web check-in which I had not done because the plan as usual was to beg for some window seat to the left at the airport. 15minutes gone, still at KR Puram. Web check-in would buy me 30mins, 30minutes!!!

Here comes Pocha. It is almost like the scene where Pandit Gangadhar becomes Shaktiman. So in a world where ALL of my friends were busy and I was technologically challenged and technologically unarmed at the same time,  Pocha did my web-checkin. I finally knew why Pocha was born :P
Time now in hand 1.5hours and we left KR Puram. Roads looked clear till we reached Hebbal and wonder of wonders, Hebbal only had 5minutes traffic stop. Soon we left Hebbal and time now for the take off was exactly one hour. This is when the Shaktiman points that the boarding is in 15mins ( I wonder why suddenly the boarding time came down to 45minutes from 30) and I didn't even have printout of the boarding pass. If you've watched Boss Baby you will know, the corporate Boss would become a clingy baby without the power solution. So now Pocha'r Shaktiman-hood over and Gangadhar was back with all the stupid ideas and prolonged stress-the-world mantra. Exactly 45minutes to take off and dot when the boarding started I could see the airport but blame it on the Bollywood Kismat, traffic right there. So now I, in my my heroine-ism, took all the luggage and ran 500m long stretch till the gates. 30mins to take off and boarding started. I found a print booth outside while the line at the gate looked like about 15 people. Boarding gate would close in 10mins. Remember Ajay Devgan in Pyar Toh Hona Hi Tha? Ditto that with extensive bechara face to Kannada Aunties with  and Tamil Uncles I somehow made it first in the line to the gate. Crossed that and landed for security check where a lady had 6kids. SIX! Boarding gate closes in? 2minutes exact! Here I be the Genelia, pushed the Aunty with million kids, almost pushed my way through security check-in  to find Gate No 9 had no people. WHAT?

Now came the best actor in side role award winner in my story who said boarding is not complete. I ran  I ran. The muchhar uncle to check tickets gave me a look that said "You-kids-are-so-irresponsible". Somehow I made it to a packed flight with an annoying Mummy-child combo beside. I missed writing about panic calls from Maa but that would be a 10page write-up. The air hostess looked at my face and got me water immediately. So much for heroine-hood of mine. But I write this in my room, on my bed, beside the window from which moon can be seen while you sleep. The major inspiration to all the drama in the blood.

So now you know?
" Hindi cinema'r heroine naki tui"
Of course

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Monday, April 10, 2017

The Rock and The Star

To Be
The Rock!
Solid, Hard, Unbreakable,
With a mind so strong.

To Be
The Star!
Bright, Shining, Dependable,
With direction that never goes wrong.

To Be
The Rock and the Star!
And be constantly at war
With heart, mind, society, destiny
And everyone, everything else
That are.

The luxury to be
The Rock and the Star!
Together or very far.
The self proclaimed/
The mass accepted/
The subtly announced
(or not)

To Be
The RockStar! 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

KodaiKanal- Closure

“The Gift of the Forest”! We decided to visit this place for three  significant reasons other than the perpetual reason of Bangalore-has-such-nice-weekend-destinations.
1. New Year
2. Piyadi’s Spinster trip
3. Our last trip together (for the next 2-3 years atleast)

So that’s that, plans were made, tickets were booked quite well in advance and we were ready to hit the roads again.
We started off on the 30th, Friday night to be precise when entire Bangalore was leaving the town. Imagine the endless and ever so popular Bangalore traffic which of course made P reach JUST IN TIME and we, after like forever, HAD to eat at a place that looked like a posh slum from outside and modern dhaba from inside. With that and last moment washroom visits, started our trip on a bus that was pink and a fight that made us all sleep very quickly!
We woke up to a late arrival possibility, on a road that looked like Shimla, at a town that looked like Darjeeling. Also, to mention N’s special nature’s call which was over in less than half a minute, to the shock of all of us and the driver uncle.

Kodaikanal is this small little town, the smallness of which will occur to you only after the local tour guides have already fooled you with the ‘discounted’ packages (be wise!). You can almost walk the entire town and still have time to chill (if there is an extended weekend). The hotel was a surprise from R to all of us and we were majorly impressed with the location, the walkable BIG garden (which we ended up not visiting, but that comes later, if at all), the games, the people, the fire place and the VESPA! Yay! The room basically was a Honeymoon suite (R ka kamaal!) but we did not mind anyway. Just when we were settling in with all this, we realized that we will have to go commando (okay, inside joke I will not share).

We left off for the ever so popular lake and let me announce it to the world that riding double cycle is NOT easy. I could not for that matter and hence, R had to wait in turns with one of us while others whooooooped. Oh and okay, the tourists could be very VERY weird and ogle at your red dress and make you very uncomfortable so do not hesitate to give them dirty looks and run the cycle over them (serves them just right). The paddle boats on the lake is utter waste of time and please make sure you try it ONLY after the sun goes down.

Kodai is a town with most amazing food joint names. Every place you see will make you want to enter and EAT! Yes we should not judge places by the names but NONE of the places will disappoint you, especially the bakeries. We had to order cake and in that excuse, we tried bakeries with all the cake varieties and I probably had the best food on the last day of the year. Now comes the part that most people should know, Kodai has very few liquor shops (there is definitely one on the line of Domino’s near the ATM but zero variety) and if you even stand (forget buying) near it, you will have random strangers passing horrendous comments like “Madam this is not a bar, only men allowed”.  You may also be lucky to find few people from abroad asking for help with currency exchange at a liquor shop and they help you buy the liquor in return. However, such comments and “help” had pissed me big time and thank God I was busy earring shopping while all of this was actually happening.  

Our evening party was as epic as it can get, I would not even dare to explain or elaborate. 

The only glitch being, we missed the bonfire, all thanks to high uncles outside and unnecessary attention to our dress. With a big discussion over room heaters, nobody remembers when that night ended and the first day of the year kicked off with BIIIIIG spread of south Indian breakfast! This followed by side scene over pine forests (where monkeys take your bhutta), shooting spots (where boys will be heroes and try to ‘rescue' you), distant villages (which is perfect like picture postcard), historical hills (which I did not get), small church (some thankfulness on the Day 1 of the year, yeah), and of course SHOPPING (no not clothes, you get all masala and tea and aloevera and pain oils and what not!) We finished all by evening and us hungry kids, finally started off for lunch at 4 sharp on one of those MANY great food joints with epic names. Our first set of orders over, we asked, in full style “repeat” (also, we were all completely FULL), at 4:45. I don’t know which one of us had the sanity to check the tickets to realize, bus is at 5! Good Lord.

Madam P announced “arre 5ta bollei ki r 5ta, khai aage” :D
Then we called them and defying all Bangali norms they said, “Bus will leave at 5:10 max”
So now, N and R rushed to collect the luggage (which was inside the car and the driver was driving it somewhere else, because we told him not to disturb us before 6) and P and I stayed back, WHY????
To collect the food we ordered man. WHAT ELSE!!!

The aunty of the café got scared for us and packed all food quickly and we rushed towards the main road to find, our superman driver bhaiya has come. Somehow we managed to reach the bus stop at 5:13 to find the bus in ignition. Like an angry Principal, the conductor scolded us and we finally started off. But the overdose of nutella pan cakes, running for the bus and millions of hair pin loops made us all (when I say all, I mean ALL) extremely nauseous. Result? Nobody could eat dinner, forget about the food we stayed back and packed. We somehow wanted that night to end. Tip to anyone who visits Kodai, NEVER book anything but sleeper bus (DON’T go is the original suggestion). The beauty that you see is definitely not worth the pain you get (even if you are a pro) or, stay a little longer. I HAD to go to work an hour after I reach Bangalore but I had not felt so sickly in a long long time. P took a long time to recover and we were worried N will faint away as usual after reaching. Somehow somehow, with a fight with the Ola wala, we ended the trip, and I end this post abruptly here, just like THAT!.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Aaj jane ki zidd na karo...

Came across this sweet ad today which instantly reminded me of Dida-Dadu, Dida to be more specific. How correctly perfect she was with those crumbled softest skin and the toothless smile! Like I was telling Maa the other day, half of my life problems would have been over if she was around. Our common bunch of optimism and my personal blessing giver. So this song from the ad reminded me, how the zidd to go is always so strong that you cannot make them stay.

Yuhi pehlu mein baithein raho...

Like that one evening in the coffee shop, where all that I can remember is, how I felt I was sitting with someone I don't know. Like that one semester day when I was waiting in college till everyone left to find that everyone actually left. Like that first Bangalore weekend when I was sure I would not be that alone.

Aaj jane ki zidd na karo...

Or maybe, if the zidd matters so much, go, just go. Except for Dida who has left me devastated still. Dear woman, wherever you are, I miss you everytime I get knocked down, which is everyday. I miss you everytime I have secret messages to send to god, which is everyday. I miss you everytime I need to be told that everything will be okay, which is everyday. And it has been forever since someone​ has actually meant and said that. My two ultimate dialogue stars of all things bright and positive, how difficult was it to stay, just stay.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ides Of March

Half Pant!
The reason behind my sudden conclusion that the ides of March are not false after all and how?

Marriage is a well discussed topic in the household for most of us these days, especially when the ex is married/about to get married, especially when there is no ex and even then, there is no interest in shaadi, especially when the younger cousins are all set to get hitched. I fall into few of such categories and the Mommy keeps on bringing the topic, almost daily.

Easy way out? Give them your damn requirements and then, knowing me, the requirements would be such that no man would be found, the our-daughter-cannot-cook being the biggest highlight!!! :D
So one clause of mine being, the sasuma should not create a hoopla about my half pants. To this, the mother (my  Batman) who cooks worse Chicken Biryani and drives better car than the father objected. I was full in shock knowing the viewpoints of someone who has forever been the crusher of gender bias, Maa!

So I was wondering what is it about half pants that is so unacceptable? Everyone wears it, everyone!!!! Summers man! I cannot remember wearing anything but those at home all my life.  Come choitro sale and there would be new half pants!!! This topic might lead into a LOT of subtopics, of hypocrisy (mine) and what not. Anyway!

So Ides of March lesson number 1:
Half Pant = No shaadi
No half Pant = No shaadi
Who cares anymore anyway!
To life... AMEN
Also, Half Pant comrades, live long :D

Friday, March 10, 2017

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

First Rain of the Year

Here's to the times when nothing made me happier than counting the rains...

Saal ki pehli baarish mubaraq ho ^_^

 Also this, because it feels nice to be liked at times ^_^

Monday, February 27, 2017


"Tor ghor porishkar korte giye ek gada kaaner dul r clip pelam" the Mommy said during the usual Goodmorning call today, "...Shob Kota oi brown kouto taye rekhe diyechhi jate khuje pash jokhon ashbi"

Somewhere the faint hope they she still holds on to, of me going home, of me settling down, of me leading a normal life, of me finally being happy, of me finally getting accepted, of me finally accepting, makes me worried, very very worried, and extremely sad.

Time to leave everything else and head for home maybe. As Shahid said yesterday 'jism mein dafn' much too much. Or maybe it's just the Monday morning and Supervisor coming back, talking. Who knows. But there is a sense of utmost suffocation and helplessness in Karnataka 560037 and I need to breathe. And I don't know how.

Also the out of context because I like

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kuch Sawal Jo Sirf Qayamat K Roz Puchhungi... Kyunki

A possible end to writer's block and how!

Why the writer's block at the first place if you're wondering, well, remember that History teacher who did not let you participate in Computer quiz because you didn't know the date for Napoleon's second attack in the middle East?
Remember Priyanka George who had to repeat a year with you because she had Chicken Pox during finals  the year before?
Remember yourself when you didn't get that promotion that December when everyone deserving and non deserving did?
THAT be the reason. It's not gloom, it's not sadness, not depression, or anger, or frustration for that matter, nothing! I don't even know if it's disappointment or shock or Obhimaan or loss or disgust or what, and hence the writer's block.

Have you ever found yourself living someone else's dream and someone else living yours? The only key factor here being, you forever thought that their dream needs a lot of heroism and they always ridiculed your otherwise simple and mainstream dreams. Role reversal much and happily? Maybe being Mr.Snape and adding an Always to all the go-get-to-be-the-hero type questions will choke you. Maybe the winner actually takes it all- beauty, peace, vows, money, appreciation, blessings, and a lifetime of self initiated togetherness. Specially now when you have heavy stones in the place where dreams would reside, especially when the doctor can not help, will not help.
THAT be the reason. It's not gloom, it's not sadness, not depression, or anger, or frustration for that matter, nothing! I don't even know if it's disappointment or shock or Obhimaan or loss or disgust or what, and hence the writer's block.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Hardest GoodBye EVER

When the FM plays "hreed majhare rakhibo" very late in the night, the night before you leave your city of joy, yet again, and this time with news that has changed you forever. With a heavy heart you fight again, you leave again.
But. Oh. Ouch. Oh.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Na Badhleo Kobita Badhbo Aaj

To what could have been a story  very fond,
To what has become a tale, too predictable.

To what could have been a rock bond,
To what has become person, too vulnerable.

Same old
Same old
People too cold.
Souls, too sold
To instant relief, to new found perfection,
Glitz, glamour,
Profits on roll.

To what could have been the 5th anniversary ,
Is just another 31st January.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Not All Wars Are At Battlefield

You wake up early, not that it’s a new thing, given your early morning shifts.
You finish work and come back to the apparent Bangalore ‘home’, pack your bags because you’re going to your actual home today, its Christmas after all. 
So your packing is done. Time: 3:00pm, train time: 5:00 (Yes we are train people, the non-privileged- non-quota Janta). Choice between cab and bus? Cab and bus? Mental calculations about the money that could be saved in bus and eventual better spending of the same on gifts for family. But time in hand, only 2hrs and Hello Bangalore traffic.

Easy decision made. Ola Share Ahoy! Thank you demonetization, cash in hand 600bucks. Olashare fare to the station 300. Anyway, happily you leave for home.  
Here comes the Ola person who picks you up and takes the complete opposite direction to what you should actually go. Ask why? It’s noon time madam, not much business. So he will go opposite for a distance of 1.5hrs, drop the other person and then drop you to Majestic.

So you get down in 5mins, and pay him full as per rule. Cash in hand 300, time in hand 1.5hrs.
You have tears in your eyes now. Your one roommate is at office, the other one with her boyfriend and other one visiting her boyfriend. People you can ask for help, NONE. Admirers you can ask for help, many, but you won’t.  Suddenly all those lectures of the roommate saying it is nice and important to have someone in life you can depend on, at times of need, even if you won’t, start to seem true.

You finally see an Auto bhaiya. Money demanded 350, you have, 300. You plead and plead and plead, look teary eyed. He finally agreed after a lot of dialogues in Kannada that you don’t understand. Now you suddenly feel the need to call home and realize, Battery charge, 3%.

The Auto bhaiya takes you from this route which you are not aware of and all the post afternoon Friday jam suddenly starts pouring in. Your 3% battery slowly becomes 2% and there are constant calls from the brother and mother about whereabouts, you cannot even share the state and worry them. You don’t even know if the route is correct. Your battery won’t allow you to check maps, you don’t know if you will reach in time. You keep on asking “aur kitna time bhaiya” and you start crying silently. And again, all those lectures of the roommate saying it is nice and important to have someone in life you can depend on, at times of need, even if you won’t, start to seem true.

The Auto bhaiya sees from the rear mirror probably and suddenly his whining about the 50 bucks ends. He says “don’t worry meedam, train at 5, pohocha dega”. You smile a little but the traffic seems impossible to go beyond. Anyway, you reach Majestic at 4:55pm sharp, thank the Auto bhaiya, get your big suitcase down at the first gate, beside platform no2. And train to Solapur? Platform no. 4, opposite platform. Good Lord. Time now? 3minutes to train and call from home stops, phone is dead. All those lectures of the roommate saying it is nice and important to have someone in life you can depend on, at times of need, even if you won’t, start to seem true again.

You see a coolie checking you out, you ask him only, with the ultimate bechari  state and he demands 80 bucks. You collect all the 10s in your wallets and together they are 50. You plead and he agrees, He agrees! He runs and you run after him. This Jab We Met stunt in real life is not as fun. The train starts to move, the coolie throws your luggage in and you get in! Breathe, find your seat! You are thirsty, you are hungry, you are tired. You remember the roommate say it is nice and important to have someone in life you can depend on, at times of need, even if you won’t. This situation would have been different if you had the/any special someone dropping you/ seeing you off/ checking on you/ being with you/ at least listening to your frustration.

Eventually you find your seat, put your phone to charge and inform home.  Collect all the one rupee and two rupees coins to buy a bottle of water. Hunger can wait, thirst cannot. And thus you spend the last money left on water, spend the night hungry to reach home next morning, to your people.

And when you took the first sip of water that night in the train, even though knowing your next 12 hours would be without food, you prove the roommate wrong, your roommate was wrong after all.

And for all those who think I breathe drama, yes I do. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Shob Choritro Kalponik

 Ekti meye k chintam. Last to last year ei sheet kal, more specifically, thik ek shomoy e onek conversations hoy taar shathe. Ami tokhon shoddo dumped, Piya tokhon shoddo where-are-we state e, r shobai e tokhon benched. Thik shei shomoy e dekha hoy amar taar shathe. Ujjol rong, sharp naak r chokhe ek odbhut confidence. Ei chhilo amar kachhe Nondini'r first impression. First and forever impression sheta jodio.

Nondini, amar khub kachher bondhu'r khub kachher manush ebong premika shei shomoy. Ek ebong ekmatro karon jaar jonno Accenture er forever neglected and de-scoped office er baire jawar kotha bhabtei pere uthchhilona amar bondhu, tana du maash bench er por o. Jara ei byapare janenna, TCS r Accenture holo Unitech building er conjoined twins. Shey jai hok, ei sheeter maashe, post lunch roddur khetam jokhon shobai, tokhon e Kolkata'r forever lyadh office hours theke shomoy ber kore ashto Nondini basically prem ta korte, phowara pare and us being the shameless people that we are, used to take away most of their time shit talking.

Tokhon amar besh baje haal, kotha beroto na mukh diye r onek weight lose korechhilam(thank God for bench period). Constant state of gloom and vulnerability te companion chhilo Piya j proti lunch hour e nijer praktan r taar shombhabbo new interest k ghure berate dekhto oi same campus e (yes Accenture TCS bonds are epic). Tokhon Nondini diner por din amader bojhato, of love, of life, of loving and living, of giving and taking only what is yours. Ei Rajput meyeti aste aste shobar khub priyo hoye uthlo. Amar bondhu had this sense of pride and happiness r hoyto kothao na kothao amar kachhe ora ideal hoye uthlo. Etotai ideal j Goa te mod kheye ek jon onnojoner phone na dhorleo next morning everything would be fine. Etotai ideal j barite baba'r shathe over a small comment of 'o otoi bhalo hole TCS e pelona keno' would fuel a war. Etotai ideal j diner por din dekha na howar por o when one selects bondhur biye over one meet, cities away, the other one understands.

Tarpor du bochhor por shei same January maash e, aaj, Nondini'r biye holo. Happily. Patro notun keu, Manager. Shesh gyaan?
And some day in future when you are in a far better state, with far better people, you'll thank the day when you lost what you thought you couldn't live without

And thus ends one more love story where noone will be blamed, ever!

Sunday, January 8, 2017


The mandatory year end post:

1. What did you do in 2016 that you’ve never done before?
Jumped into a river
Slept on a hill top under the open sky
Watched a Tamil movie (Rojonokanto) in Karnataka         

2. Did you keep your new year’s resolutions and will you make more for next year?
Nothing kept, nothing made.
3. Did anyone close to you give birth?

4. Did anyone close to you die?
5. What countries did you visit?
Here comes the bezzati!

6. What would you like to have in 2017 that you lacked in 2016?
7. What date from 2016 will remain etched upon your memory?
The days the world got too shameless
8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
Clearing PIP. Truly!
9. What was your biggest failure?
MDM has been my long time failure apparently
10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
Hello Thyroid!

11. What was the best thing you bought?
Saari for the entire clan of Aunts :D

12. Whose behavior merited celebration?

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?
Behavior I don’t know. Actions, well, Boss!

14. Where did most of your money go?

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about?
It was a Blah year

16. What song/album will always remind you of 2016?
Tumi onno karo shonge bedho ghor

17. Compared to this time last year, are you:
1. Happier or sadder? Happier
2. Thinner or fatter? Same
3. Richer or pooper? Richer

18. What do you wish you’d done more of?

19. What do you wish you’d done less of?

20. How did you spend Christmas?
Dancing Bollywood, drinking 5star and eating mach bhaat ^_^

21. Who did you spend most of the time on the phone with?

22. Did you fall in love in 2016?

23. How many one night stands in this last year?

24. What was your favorite TV programme?

25. Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year?

26. What was the best book(s) you read?
All that I read was Cursed Child.

27. What was your greatest musical discovery?
Aluma Doluma

28. What did you want and get?
Pujo leaves

29, What did you want and did not get?

30. What were your favorite films?
Doctor Strange

31. What did you do on your birthday and how old were you?
Went home!
32. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?

33. What would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2016?
Don’t care and dress up anyway
34. What kept you sane?
Pep talks

35. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?

36. What political issue stirred you the most?

37. Who did you miss?
38. Who was the best new person you met?
Narmada and Anju

39. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2016?
This too shall pass

40. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year?
Zinda hoon yaar, kaafi hain